Here we 've gathered the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you have any other questions, please fell free to contact us.

I am not an EU citizen can I still buy a property?

Yes, EU and US citizens can buy as private individuals the same way a Slovenian would buy, if you are neither an EU or US citizen you will need to buy through a EU registered company or form one here, its straightforward and we will help you do it.

What airport do I use to visit Slovenia?

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital is the Country's international airport, but Trieste Airport is just over an hour from Ljubljana, Klagenfurt and hour, Venice and hour and a half, Graz, Austria is also an hour and a half.

What are the costs involved in buying a property in Slovenia?

There are no purchase taxes here, you will have around €300 in legal fees, Agencies will charge up to 4% (plus Vat) as their commission BUT this is usually split between buyer and seller and in a number of cases the seller will already have agreed to pay it all.

What do I need in the way of papers to buy real estate in Slovenia?

A valid passport. Other requirements such as a Slovenian Tax number and what’s called an 'EMSO' number we will obtain on your behalf.

How long does the buying process take?

On average around 4 weeks. If a mortgage is involved from the buyers side this will add to the general timeframe. Also if the property being purchased comes with 'agricultural land' allow an extra 30 days as additional procedures must be followed.

What is the procedure once I have decided upon a property?

Once your offer is accepted, a sales contract or pre contract will be drawn up detailing the purchase price, terms and conditions, dates and relevant details. A 10% is payable to the seller to secure the property and for all marketing to cease. Once the buyer has paid this 10% the seller cannot sell the property to anyone else nor can he retract from the sale, if he/she does under Slovenian law he/she must return the deposit but doubled. If the buyer pulls out the deposit may be kept by the seller.

The contract will detail the completion date for the sale and hand over of the property. Usually once the contract is notarised by a public notary, the remaining 90% purchase amount must be paid within 14 days. Once the full money has been received by the seller, the buyer receives the notarised sales contract from the agency, notary o lawyer and the property is handed over.

Who draws up the sales contracts?

Here at Elite Property Slovenia, we use an Independent firm of lawyers, some agencies will draw up the contracts themselves, however we would highly recommend an independent firm of lawyers draw up the contract or if your agency wish to draw up a contract seek and instruct your own lawyers to review all matters legal.