For great coffee it has to be Goat


The second project = a smart coffee maker – from Slovenia’s Goat wins glowing reveiews

A couple of years ago, Goat – a design conscious Slovenian start-up hit the headlines with its innovative horn-shaped coffee mug. It even came with a leather strap so it could be worn across the shoulders or attached to a bag. The company launched on Kickstarter and quickly caught the imagination of investors. 

Now, the people at Goat have turned their attention to coffee-brewing with Gina, a smart coffee maker that incorporates classic coffee preparation techniques and the latest technology in pursuit of the best brew. A highly developed app and Bluetooth connectivity help you make the best coffee whether you prefer cold brew, pour over or full immersion. 

The Bluetooth-enabled built-in scale detects how much coffee grounds you’ve added and tells you how much water to use accordingly, depending on the type of coffee you want to make. The app takes users through the process step by step meaning even those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy can make a great cup.