Is the end of the use of oil and gas boilers on the horizon? See what Germany has in plan.


The German government plans to ban the installation of new oil and gas boilers in households from 2024, with the aim of accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck explained that this change is necessary as Germany needs to catch up on its transition to renewable energy sources. The transition from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly technologies, such as heat pumps, will be accompanied by a multi-billion euro financial support package for redirection, with a promise of assistance for those who need it most.

The proposal would accelerate the plans from the coalition agreement signed by the ruling Social Democrats, Liberals, and Greens, which stipulate that from 2025, the construction of new heating systems that do not produce at least 65% of energy from renewable sources will be prohibited.

Liberals are critical of the planned change, which they believe would have disastrous economic and social consequences.



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