Štajerska Region, Šentjur – Secluded Estate with Historical Charm


Welcome to the historic Zagaj homestead, a picturesque slice of Slovenian cultural heritage nestled amidst serene landscapes. Dating back to the mid-19th century, but built on foundations of a much older homestead, this sprawling estate offers an unparalleled blend of seclusion and luxury.

The estate is perfectly set up for various purposes, whether as a family estate or a tourist guesthouse / camp with a good development potential. The homestead could also be an opportunity for buyers looking to be involved in an environmentally friendly agricultural or agro-tourism activities.


The location of the homestead has been chosen so that it is naturally protected from the weather and so that it dominates its own land and complements the landscape. The Zagaj homestead is situated at the edge of the forest, on a picturesque terrace in the middle of the laid-out village of Zagaj, and is a typical isolated farm, forming an economically self-contained whole.  The farmstead consists of a dwelling house, a hayloft, two outbuildings and a chapel. The result is a rich homestead with beautiful buildings, among which the hayloft and one of the outbuildings are cultural monuments.


The restoration of all buildings has been a meticulously managed process, carefully preserving their structural integrity and distinctive characteristics. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, these restoration efforts have not only revitalized the historic structures but also safeguarded their legacy for future generations to cherish.


Additionally to the land directly surrounding the homestead (9.351m2), 33.521m2 of farming land is also included in the sale.


Main Residence:

Built-in 1860, the main dwelling spans 380m² of net area across three floors, exuding timeless elegance and comfort.

  • Large Wine Cellar with access to the outside
  • Ground Floor: Features a grand living room, an elegant dining area, and a beautiful kitchen with access to a conservatory overlooking nature. There is also an additional office/bedroom, utility and bathroom on this level.
  • Attic: Boasts a spacious central living space, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, two additional bedrooms spread over two levels with en-suite bathroom. On the gallery above the living space, there is a library and a reading/relaxation area.



  • Unfinished house of approximately 200m², offering ample space for customization and expansion, ideal for realizing your vision of a guesthouse or additional residential space. The building needs finishing and is currently in 4th construction phase.
  • Meticulously restored hayloft (576m²) and barn (480m²), serving as cultural monuments and adding to the estate’s historical charm.


Location & Accessibility:

Nestled on a picturesque ground at the edge of the forest, the homestead offers unparalleled privacy while remaining accessible via the nearby highway.


There are several points of cultural and natural interest within a short travel distance available, as well as various sports and relaxation opportunities: thermal wellness centres (Terme Rogaška Slatina, Terme Olimia Podčetrtek, Terme Laško, Terme Moravske toplice), golfing (Podčetrtek, Bled, Volčji potok), skiing (Rogla, Krvavec, Mariborsko pohorje..), hiking, cycling etc.

Distance: 5km to highway, 20km to Celje, 90km to Ljubljana, 115km to Graz, Austria, 200km to Trieste, Italy


Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of Slovenian history, where tradition meets elegance in a secluded private oasis with lots of development potential. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a viewing.


EUR 1.425.000,00

Property code : EJ1609

Property type : House

Offer type : For sale

City : Šentjur

Size : 580 m²

Land included : 42872m2

Bedrooms : 8

Built : 1860

Renovated : 2000