Real Estate Market Trends: Quarterly and Annual Price Increases


The real estate market in Slovenia continues to show dynamic shifts. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the latest figures reveal notable price changes in both quarterly and annual terms.

Quarterly Changes:
In the second quarter of 2024, residential property prices rose by 1.2%. This increase reflects a continuing trend of rising property values, with used residential properties experiencing a more significant rise of 2.7%. However, new residential properties saw a substantial decrease of 7.6%, highlighting a divergence between new and existing property markets.


Annual Changes:
On an annual basis, the overall increase in property prices was 6.3%. This annual rise was driven primarily by new apartments, which saw an impressive 11.9% increase. This surge indicates strong demand and possibly limited supply in the market for new residential properties.


Market Activity:
The first quarter of 2024 recorded the sale of 2,057 properties, valued at a total of 340.4 million EUR. This volume of sales marks a decline compared to previous periods, suggesting a potential slowdown in market activity or a shift in buyer preferences.


Implications for Buyers and Sellers
For buyers, understanding these trends is crucial for making informed purchasing decisions. The significant annual increase in new apartment prices suggests that acting sooner rather than later may be advantageous to avoid further price hikes. However, the quarterly decrease in new property prices might indicate short-term opportunities for those seeking new homes.

Sellers, especially of used properties, can benefit from the ongoing price increase. Pricing strategies should consider the 2.7% quarterly rise to maximize returns. On the other hand, sellers of new properties might need to adjust their expectations and strategies in light of the recent quarterly price drop.


The Slovenian real estate market remains robust, with varying trends between new and used properties. Both buyers and sellers need to stay informed and adaptable to navigate these changes effectively.




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