Spas in Slovenia

Slovenia Spa’s and Wellness Centres

Slovenia’s unique hot-mineral waters have been enjoyed for centuries, to enhance both overall health and lift the spirit. In terms of health and wellness, there are a number of thermal spa’s a wide variety of health resorts, spas and retreats to visit, where visitors can enjoy, a wide range of natural wellness treatments.

Health resorts, spas and retreats are growing in popularity. In fact, most new hotels are opening with spas to cater for the demand from the locals and also the growing number of tourists. Slovenia’s health and wellness industry is based around the wide variety of thermal springs which are located all over the country. Around these thermal spas, a number of health resorts, wellness centres and retreats are located which offer a wide variety of holistic and alternative treatments.

Below are some of the main spa’s, with a brief overview of what they offer visitors.

Terme Banovci

Located in Prekmurje, this spa is focused on the family and is very popular with both locals and toursits.

Terme Čatež

This Spa has 12,000 square meters of of water making it the largest thermal pool in the country.

The spa’s name comes from folklore and carries the name of the mythical half-man, half-goat, known as Čatez, a statue of which stands at the entrance to the resort. Mokrice Castle which nearby and is an upmarket hotel, offering a number of natural treatments.

Olimia Spa

The Olimia Spa is thermal water, extracted from a 600 metre deep well and has been used for thousands of years for healing purposes and the first to use them were the Celts. The Romans also used the waters and then, monks of The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit. The waters are of course are still used to this day and Olimia Spa is now more popular than ever, with both locals and overseas visitors

Zreče Spa

Terme Zreče Spa thermal waters come from the unique Pohorje peat which give its unique healing qualities. Terme Zreče is situated in the midst of the lush green forests of Pohorje and relaxing area with clean alpine air. The town of Zreče is a small, friendly town set within the forests, close to the Dravinja river. Terme Zreče also has a health, skiing and sports centre.

Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice, Sava Hotels & Resorts

Spa 3000 is one of Slovenia’s most popular spas. The temperature of the spring, which is located nearly 2,000 meters below the ground is 72 degrees. The water surface of the spa is over 5,000 square meters.

Terme 3000 has a number of hotels, offering a variety of alternative treatments and medicine nearby and the hotel offers the healing mineral water in the rooms for its guests. The five-star Hotel Livada Prestige has a state-of-the-art wellness centre which has six pools, a saunas, a state of the art fitness centre. Near to the hotel is an 18-hole golf course, a sports park and a fitness centre

Dobrna Spa

This Terme is Slovenia’s oldest health resort. and the spring were used in Roman times with the spa being used by the local population since 1403. The spas hotel, Zdraviliški Dom dates back to 1624. The hotels marble baths, have been used centuries and have been popular for thousands of years, as a great place to unwind and relax and is one of Slovenia’s most famous Spa’s

Lendava Spa

The Spa is well known for its paraffin rich water of Lendava which has been used for over 800 years. The high percentage of paraffin, the water contains gives the water a green hue and its used to treat a wide range of skin ailments and conditions.

Terme Ptuj Spa

One of the newer spas in the country at 37 years old and located in the oldest Slovenian city. The Thermal Park has around 4.200 square meters of indoor water surface and also has the longest water slides in the country.

Portorož Spa

In the 13th century Benedictine monks, used salt-pan mud and brine to treat many illnesses; in the 17th century the spa became popular and the healing qualities of the salt spread throughout Slovenia and beyond its borders. The Spa is popular and near several tourist attractions including – the Lipica stud farm, the Postojna and Škocjan Caves and the Brioni Islands.

Lasko Spa

The Laško thermal springs were first used by the ancient Romans. The medicinal effect of the thermal spring is believed to help relieve medical problems such as hypertension, chronic joint and spine inflammation and help to improve circulation to all areas of the body. Therman Laško as a Spa for Sloevenians has been around for 156 years.

Health and Wellness in Slovenia

There are a wide range of natural health and wellness treatments on offer whcih include all of the following and probably many more:

Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Auriculoptherapy, Body Wraps, Anti-cellulite programmes,Cavitation cellulite reductionDensitometry, Feng Shui, healing stone therapies Kneipp baths, Kinesis, Laconium, Mesotherapy, pilates Relaxation techniques including meditation, Saunas, Steam baths,Swimming pools with thermo-mineral water or heated sea water Tepidarium, Tai Chi, thermal baths, Whirlpools and Yoga.

If you are looking to have a holiday a weekend break or just a day visit to the spas, you will be able to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The Spa’s of Slovenia have something for everyone and many are set in stunning scenery making them, ideal places to relax and unwind.