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After Ljubljana and Gorenjska, Primorska is the third most visited region in Slovenia.

Primorska is a province located in western Slovenia and is comprised of three distinct regions – The Soca Valley, Slovenia’s stretch of Adriatic coastline and the wine growing central region.

Piran and the Coast

Pri morju in Slovenian means near the sea – and one of the Primorska’s main attractions is the 46km stretch of coastline that separates it from Italy and Croatia. The coastline has so far escaped mass tourism and is underdeveloped. One of the delights on the coast is the delightful Venetian city of Piran which juts into the sea on a compact peninsula. It is believed that the first walls of the city were built in the 7th century and then extended in the 12th century, and achieved their present appearance in the 16th century as protection against marauding Turkish raiders.

Piran is small, compact and friendly and it’s appearance has not changed much in the last 400 years. Piran has a distinct Italian influence but the standard of living is cheaper and this has seen it a great place to buy property for overseas buyers. It is very close to Italy and Venice is just 1.5hrs away by boat and the lights of Venice can be seen on a clear night across the Adriatic from the town. The town is expanding and an indication of the building taking place can be seen at the Portoroz Marina, which is one of the best equipped on the Adriatic.

Primorska is actually Slovenia’s most diverse region and offers far more than just coastal attractions, with other distinct regions each with their own unique charm and attractions.

The Soča Valley

The Soča Valley is a beautiful area, dominated by the Soca River which gives the region its name. With its crystal clear turquoise water, the Soča River and its mountainous backdrop enchantes all who visit it. The Soča runs from the north-west of Slovenia down to the casino town of Nova Gorica in the west. The region is famed for offering great outdoor pursuits including: Slovenia’s highest ski resort at Kanin, its best water sports including white water rafting and world class fly fishing on the Soča River.

Central & North Primorska

Is perhaps one of the most interesting in Slovenia, with its rolling hills and valleys, dotted with vineyards. This is the main wine growing region in Slovenia and appeals more to the person who wants to get away from it all, than those seeking nightlife or shopping and it remains unspoand property as a result is cheaper than in many other areas. Goriska brda Dolina and Vipavska dolina are the best known vineyards producing excellent quality red and white wines finally, Briški okoliš has a well liked Rebula and White Pinot. The Primorska wines tend to be dryer and contain more minerals and more pigment than wines of other regions.


The Karst region is located between the Trieste Bay and the Vipavska Valley and is a forested limestone plateau sprinkled with picturesque stone villages, vineyards and features a UNESCO protected caves site, as well as the world’s largest underground canyon at Škocjan. It is also gives its name to stunning shapes created by waters in the fusible stone – this karst phenomena can be found in over half of all Slovenia. There are more than eight thousand known karst caves and potholes, there are also karst springs, disappearing lakes, swallets and swallow holes, making this one of the most interesting and unusual regions in Slovenia.


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