Cycling in Slovenia

Slovenia Cycling

Slovenia is just over 20 000 sq kilometres in size and half of the land is covered by forest, making it one of the most tree covered countries in the world. However for a small country, it’s got a lot of scenic beauty not just forests – there are soaring mountains, beautiful hills, deep valleys, impressive rivers, serene lakes, as well as historic towns and ancient monuments to see and there is no better way to explore, what Slovenia has to offer than by viewing the natural beauty of the country by bike.

Road Cycling Trips

Most of Slovenia’s roads are excellent for cyclists because there well kept and maintained and apart from the major highways and motorways are generally free of fast moving traffic. On the quieter roads, you can cycle in safety and cycle through all the diverse natural scenery which Slovenia has to offer and also explore the local towns and cities and enjoy the friendly welcome of the locals and sample the local culture.

There are numerous cycling tours and holidays to choose from which include – cycling over the arable farm lands and through hills which offer steep climbs on one side and then, steep descents on the other side.

Slovenia also boasts a number of smaller asphalt roads which are only for cyclists. These purpose built roads are some of the best and safest roads to cycle and ideal for families cycling with small children. In terms of these roads, they pass through 50 protected areas including both regional parks and Slovenia’s only national park.

You can also cycle near to the numerous natural health resorts and thermal spas which are set within areas of natural beauty and after your trip you can relax and unwind at the resorts and sample the local cuisine and wine. You can choose to take a trip through natural countryside but can also cycle = in the towns, villages and cities. In urban areas, there are numerous, clearly marked cycle lanes which are safe and will allow you to take in the local sights and sample the culture at the same time. You can cycle on your own and explore areas of interest or hire local cycle guides to point out and explain about all the local areas of interest.

Free Ride Cycling Trips

Slovenia has a large number of hills and many of them have single-track trails for mountain bikers over challenging terrain to test your biking skills – its a great way to get an adrenalin rush and keep fit at the same time.

There are a number of mountain bike parks which are located all over Slovenia which are built to challenge, your skills and these parks will have numerous obstacles like the following – ladders, various jumps of varying heights, downhill trails and also bridges to navigate. Some consider Slovenia’s mountain bike parks to be among the most well kept, challenging and exciting anywhere.

There are numerous cycle parks which are located near to the numerous ski slopes in Slovenia which allow riders to cycle the the steep inclines and declines which the mountains provide. Most of the cycle parks, have local and qualified instructors, to help sharpen your cycling skills.

Mountain Biking

As we have noted Slovenia has numerous hills and high mountain peaks which are ideal for mountain biking. There are however area of Slovenia where mountain bikes are prohibited so the local natural beauty is not damaged. However, many of the forests have narrow trails only for cyclists but to cycle them you will normally need a qualified guide who will ensure you cycle with care and the natural environment is not damaged.

In Slovenia’s you can also enjoy the pleasure of cycling underground and the disused mine shafts below Mount Peca are popular with cyclists and are located in the Koroška region.

Cycling Tours

There are numerous cycling tours which you can enjoy and many of these will last for last several days to a couple of weeks Cycle Tours cover all the varied terrian which Slovenia has to offer and can be relaxing tours or challenging tours depending on your fitness and the type of cycling you want to enjoy. Along the route accommodation is available from bed and breakfast, to more substantial hotels and for those on a budget there hostels and supervised camp-sites.

Family Cycling Tours

Slovenia is ideal for families with children. Family cycling holidays, are safe and the roads chosen are free of traffic, flat and therefore easy to cycle for both children and adults. The most popular area, for family cycling is the eastern part Slovenia where the countryside is mostly arable flatlands and plains, dotted with vineyards.

Cycling Regulations

The use of a cycling helmets is required by law for children under the age of 14 in Slovenia, like it is in most European countries. Its not obligatory for adults to do so but of course is highly recommended to ensure safety and it’s advisable to wear a helmet whenever you decide to cycle anywhere.

Cycling in Slovenia a Fun Experience

Slovenia offers a lot in terms of cycling for anyone who wants to take a short trip or take a cycling holiday. You have a wide range of attractions to enjoy, safe roads, cycle parks and trails to explore so whatever your fitness level or type of trip you want, you will find Slovenia can offer it and give you a cycling experience to enjoy and remember.