Skiing in Slovenia

Slovenia Ski Resorts

The birth of skiing in Slovenia can be traced back to the 17th century. In 1689, the Slovenian writer Valvasor, used skis on the Bloke plateau close to Ljubljana and skiing gre in popularity and today is more popular than ever – being the most popular sport for the local population.

The ski slopes of Slovenia are now very popular with overseas visitors who want the best skiing at an affordable cost. If you are an experienced or a complete beginner, you will enjoy the ski resorts of Slovenia.

Kranjska Gora

A typical ski resort, in terms of its layout which is a village and hotel accommodation, adjoining the resort.

Kranjska Gora is the most well known skiing resort in the country and this is because it hosts one of the classic annual World Cup ski races on the slalom course, in the linked area of Podkoren. The resort also holds a record in terms of it has the world’s highest jumping centre at Planica.

The World Cup run is a long, steep, run through a dense alpine forest. The run starts at a height of 1200m and runs down to the 800m valley below.

The world cup run is challenging but the other slopes are less challenging and suitable for beginners. The nursery slopes and blue runs which are only a couple of minutes walk from the resort. For the higher slopes, there is a chairlift which takes skiers to the steeper Podkoren pistes.

Kranjska Gora is a small village which has has a central square with a old church and around the village are a wide variety of restaurants, shops, bars and other sports facilities to cater for the vast number of visitors who want to relax after a day on the slopes. The village of Ratece is nearby and is famous for, its cross-country skiing centre and the world-cup Planica ski jump.

With another 8 ski resorts in Slovenia, Austria and Italy, just under an hour from Kranjska Gora, the resort is a great location to enjoy great skiing in three different countries.

Vogel & Kobla

Located just 25 kilometers west of the the Bohinj valley are the ski centres of both Kobla and Mount Vogel. Vogel has slope side hotel at the top and it can be reached via a gondola which runs up from valley. Kobla’s 1,480m peak and Vogel peak is 1,800m. There both beautiful locations overlooking Lake Bohinj and the slopes are easy for those learning to ski.

The resort of Kobla is just 5 minutes from Lake Bohinj and locate in the town of Bohinjska Bistrica. The town of is small but packed with attractions including – a water park, plus a wide variety of restaurants bars and shops.


This resport is located near to Ljubljana airport. This makes it, the closest ski resort to an international airport in the world. The resort is accessed via gondola, from the valley and has a variety of slopes which descent from 2,000 meters and are suitable for, beginners or more experienced skiers

Krvavec has artificial snow-making facilities and the skiing season runs from mid-December to late April. A visit to the centre seen as a family day out, for many of the residents of Ljubljana.


At a height of 2200m Bovec-Kanin is Slovenia’s highest ski resort. The resort also offers views of some of the best scenery in Slovenia including – views of the Soca Valley, Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps. The resort is known for superb off-piste skiing, in one of the best off-piste valleys in Slovenia – Krnica.Guides are a must for off-piste skiiing for safety reasons.

The resort was connected in 2009-2010 to the Italian resort of Sella Nevea, it added a wider range of extra pistes, from intermediate up to advanced level and the resort is known as one the best ski resorts in the Julian Alps. Kanin’s altitude means it gets good snowfall throughout the skiing season. The resort town of Bovec is nearby and has a wide variety of restaurants and bars to enjoy.


The Rogla Ski Olympic centre is 1517 meters above sea level and has around ninety hectares of natural and artificial snow. The ski slopes are used by complete beginners, experienced skiers and also snow boarders.

Rogla has hosts both FIS and European Cup competitions. Since 1997, Rogla has been an all year-round Olympic centre offering state of the art facilities for professional skiers. The Zreče Health Resort is nearby and has a number of swimming pools with thermal spring water and also state of the art sports centres.

Kanin Canin (Sella Nevea)

This ski resort is the only international ski resort in Slovenia and connects, Kanin in Slovenija with the Sella Nevea resort in Italy. Both Kanin and Sella Nevea, are accessed from both sides of mountain of Kanin so there is access from both the Slovenian and the Italian side. The same ski pass is used, to ski on either side of the border in Italy and Slovenia.

There is an annual Free-ride competition. This is a competition of free ride skiers and snowboarders and takes place in Karin. Emaus is another annual event which is held each year on the Easter Monday at the Kanin ski resort. The competition is one which takes skiing back to a bygone age, as skiers use antique equipment and compete to win a prestigious competition.

The Starivrh Ski Centre

This skiing centre is situated between the Poljanska and Selška valleys. The centre has around fifty hectares of ski slopes, at altitudes of 1,200 down to just 580 meters. The centre is used by skiiers of all experience from, experienced skiers, beginners, and snowboarders. The ski-center also offers night skiing, a sled run and a children’s area. The ski trails are used both for for recreational skiing and also hosts a number of competitions.

Mariborsko Pohorje

This is the largest ski centre in the country and the centre offers ski slopes, which are suitable for both beginners and professional skiers. The resort has longest night skiing trail in Slovenia. and the centre also boasts a large sports complex. The centre is near to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.

There are 43 km of ski slopes, at an altitude of 325 to 132 meters in height and the resort has cross-country skiing which stretches for about 27km. The centre also hosts the Golden Fox Trophy, FIS Ski World Cup.

Skiing in Slovenia

The skiing in Slovenia offers something for everyone to enjoy and the skiing comes at a great price compared with countries such as Austria, Italy or Switzerland. In conclusion, Slovenia is one of the best countries to enjoy a skiing holiday in terms of the quality of the facilities and also the cost.