Slovenian Company Elan Celebrated at Bistra Castle


Elan, one of the most famous Slovenian companies, is the star of a new exhibition at the Technical Museum

Elan has been making sports equipment ranging from skis and ski boards, bicycles, and power boats and sailing boats for more than 70 years and while it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Today, however, the company is still in operation and recently went into partnership with classic Slovenian bicycle brand Rog. 

A new exhibition in the Technical Museum at Bistra Castle runs until 1st October and includes a variety of fascinating items that illustrate the company’s development. These include some early examples of equipment, specialist tools as well as video footage of newsreels featuring the company over the decades and interviews with former employees.

The company is based in Begunje na Gorenjskem and originated from a secret workshop which made skis for partisan forces during the Second World War.Today 20 divisions make up the company. Among their notable successes are sidecut skis which had a profound effect on skiing.