Slovenian startup markets a levitating turntable


Mag-Lev Audio turn to Kickstarter to raise funding for their much talked about gravity-defying record player

Mag-Lev is another in a line of exciting Slovenian startups to use the power of crowdfunding to get established. The company has created the Mag-Lev Audio, an amazing levitating turntable that doesn’t only produce a great quality of sound, it looks pretty special too. Mag-Lev uses special software to regulate the turning of the plate, and when the turntable is not in use, it has retractable feet to stand on. 

Mag-Lev has featured on Slovenian national television news and is fast becoming one of the most talked about design topics of the moment. Anyone looking to own this rather special piece of technology will have to wait until August 2017 until it becomes available, however, so patience is a must.