Deals with real estate are always more than just a ‘buy and sell’ business. It is vital to find a partner who you can rely on and trust, especially in a foreign country, where laws and regulations are different to what you are used to.

At Elite Property Slovenia we understand that you might need maximum support and thorough guidance throughout the entire process of setting foot in Slovenia. We can help and assist you with questions regarding basic understanding of the local real estate market, getting a grasp of the various areas of the country and other property related services presented below.


Our multilingual specialists are professionals in the field of real estate and have in depth knowledge about other related subjects. They will be more than glad to give you all necessary support and information on the procedures related to dealing with property in Slovenia.

Property Management

Let us take care of your property.

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Design & Construction

Full service package.

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Business Services

Everything you need to run your company.

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We offer different ways of financing.

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Finder service

Let us find what you are looking for.

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Entry & Residence permits

Welcome to Slovenia.

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