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  • We have opened an office in The Old Town

    We are pleased to annouce we have opened a new office in the heart of Ljubljana's Old Town on Gornji Trg 1. We have shop front space so lots of lovely properties in the window. Please come and visit us whenever you can!

  • We have moved

    We have moved to lovely new offices in Prule, the Old part of Ljubljana. With increased space, interiors designed by JVBdesignworks, and a fantastic shop front location we are looking forward to welcoming new & old faces to Žabjak 2, Ljubljana 1000.

  • Ljubljana Apartment Sales

    Further to the recent News we posted on "Ljubljana Sells Best" we wanted to provide more information on Ljubljana real estate. The sales are nearly always apartments and always in the centre of town. The demand from foreign buyers for houses in Ljubljana is low as they want to be located very centrally and this means apartments. Ljubljana villas in for example the Rozna Dolina area are also priced at a level that is too high for most Slovenia real estate investors.

  • Ljubljana Sells best

    This year we have sold more real esate in Ljubljana than any other year. It seems investors from various parts of the globe see Ljubljana as perfect place to buy. Small, neat and improving year on year, with a fabulous centre and old town and with prices at a very competitive level. The most popular areas being the historic old town and the centre, and despite no cars being allowed in the old town, buyers seem to accept this with the positives that come with that. See our Ljubljana real estate section for more details.

  • Portoroz real estate on the up

    We are experiencing a marked increase in enquiries and sales of real estate in Portoroz. The buyers are mainly from Russia and Ukraine, wanting Villas with sea views. Prices of Portoroz real estate remain high but have come down considerably over the past few years. Real estate in Portoroz is in short demand and quality property goes fairly quickly if priced correctly.

  • New section here

    As you can see this is a new section we have just added, to keep our customers up to date with whats going on with Elite and real estate here in Slovenia. It will be regularly updated.

  • Another Beauty - Karst Project

    We are pleased to announce another superb development in the popular Karst region. Beautiful, modern villas in a rural setting, super views and highly energy efficient, these represent Slovenia real estate at its best. For details click here, a full presentation of visuals will also be found here. For more details just contact us.

  • Lipica Villas

    Together with a partner agency we are soon to be launching a beautiful new development in Lipica, just opposite the entrance to the famous Lipica Estate where the famous Lipizzaner horses are from. This represents Slovenia real estate at its finest...Click here for a sneak preview

  • Success in Moscow

    We are happy to report that our attendance at the Moscow Real Estate fair was a great success, we were the only representation Slovenia had and that proved effective. There was much interest in Slovenia especially in the €150-€250,000 price range. Many of the visitors to the Croatia stands were also coming our way so its good to know that many consider Slovenia as an alternative to Croatia.

  • Moscow Fair

    We will be promoting 4 fabulous new developments at the fair as well as all our beautiful properties on our books. As well as meeting all the agencies we work with and several we will hopefully be working with in the future.



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Ljubljana - Beautiful apartment near Tivoli Park

Ljubljana - Beautiful apartment near Tivoli Park

This is a superb, beautifully decorated apartment a few minutes walk to the centre...



Maribor Area - Large Villa in Slovenske Konjice

Maribor Area - Large Villa in Slovenske Konjice

This is a substantial, luxury villa in a commanding position in this popular town...



Ljubljana Centre – Beautiful Old Town apartment on Mestni trg

Ljubljana Centre – Beautiful Old Town apartment on Mestni trg

This Charming apartment is located on the second floor of this restored unique...



Ljubljana Centre - Luxury classical apartment in the centre

Ljubljana Centre - Luxury classical apartment in the centre

This luxury, beautiful apartment of 140 m2 is located on the 1st floor of this...


Croatia - Istria, stunning Istrian stone villa with pool in a prime location

Croatia - Istria, stunning Istrian stone villa with pool in a prime location

A high quality detached three bedroom Istrian stone villa in a prime location with a...


Ljubljana Area - Superb, large family house in quiet area

Ljubljana Area - Superb, large family house in quiet area

This is a super family house in a quiet residential area very close to the centre of...


Ljubljana Area - Luxury, Classical house in Logatec

This is a newly built 5 bedroom villa located on a hill with super views. Luxury throughout, Marble and solid wood flooring.

This is a newly built 5 bedroom villa located on a hill with super views. Luxury throughout, Marble and solid wood flooring. This is a large 5 bedroom villa in Logatec, just built, situated on a hill with some lovely views and just 25 minutes to Ljubljana. Ground Floor: There is a superb...


Welcome to Elite Property Slovenia

Welcome to our company Agencija Elite d.o.o., based in Slovenia. Elite Property Slovenia is the leading luxury real estate agency in Slovenia, presenting a selection of the finest luxury Slovenian property in the very best locations of this beautiful country.

Our clients come from many different parts of the world and we are privileged to be able to service their specific requirements in the area of luxury Slovenia real estate. Whether you are looking for a modern home or you prefer a more traditional style, we can help you find it. Perhaps you prefer a luxury villa in Bled, a Slovenian property in Maribor, a seafront Slovenia property in Portorož, or a luxury apartment in Ljubljana – just let us know and we'll find the Slovenian real estate that meets your specification.

On top of offering to you our own Slovenian properties we partner with many real estate agents in Slovenia and are able to offer you a Finder service, where we will do the work and contact agencies on your behalf to source suitable luxury real estate in Slovenia for your viewing trip.

If you are looking to sell your Slovenia Real Estate

Should you wish to sell a property in Slovenia, you will recieve far wider advertising and marketing coverage with us, both locally and internationally. Service levels will be second to none.


On our site you will also find information on the various areas of Slovenia, as well as the general buying process when purchasing real estate Slovenia.

Security when buying

All the properties listed are supplied by our licensed Slovenian real estate agents. In Slovenia it is important to note that Slovenian real estate should only be handled by a licensed agent by law.

An interesting article regarding US citizens

The Percentage of Us citizens planning to move abroad triples

14 November 2011 Source OPP News. 

A new survey by America Wave SA, the percentage of US Citizens planning to move overseas has tripled "dramatically" to 2.4% from 0.8% in the previous 2009 survey.   

Bob Adams, president and CEO of America Wave SA, has overseen all nine of the surveys on American relocation since their inception in 2005, and told OPP that the trend is not surprising at all. 

“The simple fact is that it has never been easier or cheaper to relocate than it is today,” he says. “And the American middle class has taken a terrible hit in this period of financial crisis nationally. Why should we be surprised that they are looking wherever they can for a better life?” 

Calling the increase in numbers planning to move overseas as “dramatic,” Adams goes on to say it is young adults who are the most interested in leaving the country. “There’s no doubt about it in my mind, the lousy economy and lack of good jobs are the primary underlying factors in this growth. The 25-34 age group has always been a leader in relocation, with the 18-24 group very much partners. 

Adams says that the 2.4% wanting to move overseas “translates into nearly 3,000,000 households … or more than 6,000,000 Americans. And many of them are middle-class Americans have become very active in investment and speculation over the last few decades.”

Recent Slovenia real estate news...

An article written by Justin Young of Slovenia Estates on the current market...

The Changing face of the foreign buyer.

It’s July 2006 and Real Estate agencies across Slovenia like mine are running to keep up with the ever increasing British buyer happy to pull, squeeze and drag as much equity from their UK home to fund their dream of owning a holiday home in this little gem of a country. The Austrians and the Italians amongst others are dipping their feet in the cool mountain water too, snapping up a more southern retreat, and of course the mighty Russian investor has just discovered Slovenia has a coast and a pretty nice one too! Straightforward times, we as agencies know our market, we enjoy our job and we sell - and pretty easily too.

Its July 2009 and the landscape is different, very different, we have gone through a year or more where the market was not a market it was a desert, the British buyer had shrivelled up, desperately trying to pay their own mortgage and credit in a struggling Britain, let alone thinking of paying another one in a foreign land. The Austrians and Italians quickly realised they could buy the same holiday home for half the price but it was located in Austria and Italy! The Russian buyer, he carried on buying but less and less as the coast of Slovenia became a price comparison or should I say competitor for St Tropez and Cannes!

Thankfully its now July 2011 and we can now begin to see through those dark clouds and the market is now a market again, actually a series of small, compact, easy to predict groups of investors that know what they want and what they will pay for it.

At my agency Slovenia Estates we have four distinct groups now of investors which does ebb and flow but is now pretty certain and secure.

The British buyer has returned, not by any means to the same levels pre 2008 but they are back, looking to buy their dream house in the beautiful and safe Gorenjska, a three bedroom, two bathroom character house with some land and views is just the ticket and with a fair amount out there its relatively easy to satisfy their demand. They usually don’t want to spend more than €200.000 and if they really want to pick up a bargain they will head East to Prekmurje, still a favourite for a specific market within a market, meaning the British buyer that buys in the East is very very different to one that buys in the West.

The Austrians and Italians now fall into a “Rest of Europe” category. They have been joined by some newcomers, the Belgians, Dutch, French, Swedish and Finnish have all been our clients in the past 18 months. Their budget is the same as the Brits but they don’t go East! They like the older house, one they can renovate is a popular request and the Dutch and Belgian buyer likes land.

The Americans, they too have begun to wake up to the delights that Slovenia has to offer and with lower property prices now they are drawn to Bled and Bohinj, this could be something to do with a little TV show we did for US TV last year that some 17 million Americans watched,,,don’t worry they are not all coming. We have had clients re locate here for retirement which always says a lot of the quality of life somewhere. The American buyer will typically spend a little more for the right property, typically around €350000 but are quite particular about what they want and rightly so. Tending to go for more traditional properties and those in need of a little work.

Ok so now the buyers our sellers love to hear about, the Russians…Well first let’s correct the common misconception about this buyer; they don’t come to Slovenia with €3m in their back pocket, looking for the biggest, brightest place in town. No, they are very astute when it comes to buying, very particular, they know what they want and they know about prices in Slovenia as a comparison with other countries, they have most likely looked in Croatia or Montenegro and have now set their sights on Slovenia. They tend to be attracted to newer properties, or older ones that have been refurbished internally. The budget? We have had clients spend €200,000 as a minimum up to €2m but the average is around €400.000. Typically in past years they would head for the coast and while there is still the attraction for them near the sea, we have sold properties all over Slovenia from Prekmurje and Celje to the mountains of Kranjska Gora and of course Ljubljana.

So these are the main groups of investors right now, there are signs that new ones are emerging from such places as Israel, South Africa and The Middle East - the wealthy bits! But overall across all markets the quantities are still in the few hundreds so no one needs to start learning Russian or Arabic just yet!


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