Cashila becomes most successful crowdfunded project in Slovenia


Cashila, the Slovenian Fintech start-up out-performs all expectations in crowdfunding phase.

By raising 10.5 million USD during its crowdfunding campaign, Slovenian start-up Cashila has performed far in excess of expectations to become the most successful project to seek finance through crowdfunding. 

The goal of the five-week campaign was to raise around one million euro worth of investments to launch its new ICONOMI platform which will enable investors to invest in cryptocurrencies more easily. Not only was this significant in terms of record crowdfunding for a Slovenian project, but it was the first to allow investors to make their investments in virtual currencies as well as with conventional currencies. 

The company’s founders Tim Zager and Jani Valjavec say that ICONOMI’s mission is to show that the concept of ‘uberisation’ can be translated to ‘consumer-level’ services and disrupt traditional financial services, while also prioritising speed and efficiency, issues which until now have deterred some newcomers to the cryptocurrency field.