Adventure sports in Slovenia

Kayaking, White Water Rafting and Canyoning

Kayaking, White Water Rafting and Canyoning

Kayaking, white water rafting and canyoning, are outdoor sports which are popular amongst native the Slovenians, as well as the numerous tourists, who come to Slovenia to enjoy these adventure or extreme sports and as an adventure sport destination, Slovenia is getting more popular each year and below we look at why.

Slovenia’s Rugged Beauty

Slovenia boasts powerful rivers fast flowing rivers of which the Soca is the most famous, and tough, rugged canyons in wild unspoilt, stunning scenery. In comparison to other countries, Slovenia offers great value for money, and some of the best rivers, lakes and rugged terrain which to enjoy these sports in.

Although all three activities are classified as extreme sports, extremely doesn’t mean you can’t do them as beginners and they can be practiced by anyone, at a less challenging level. They can be experienced at a beginner level, with a top qualified local instructor to help participants enjoy the sports safely, whilst at the same time, enjoying the rugged beauty of Slovenia.


Originally devised by Eskimos, kayaks date back several thousand years. the Kayaks were created from sewn animal skins which were then extended over a whalebone-skeleton structure to form a small and highly manoeuvrable one person boat . These were then used, by the Eskimos for both transportation and hunting. Today, they are primarily used for leisure by water sports enthusiasts of all levels.

The word “kayak” actually translates as “man’s boat” or “hunter’s boat” but they can of course be operated by both men and women! Known as one of the the most popular water sports in Slovenia, and there is the choice of kayaking down fast running rivers or going at a slower pace, on quieter rivers and lakes, allowing one the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Where rivers are concerned, and for those seeking an adrenalin rush, the Soča, the Sava, the Savinja, the Krka and the Kolpa rivers, provide fast moving, rough, and rapid white water.

Slovenia offers a number of centres, where kayaks can be rented. It is recommended for the inexperienced, to use a local instructor or guide to ensure safety. This is necessary, and applies to even the quieter stretches of river in Slovenia, at least until one becomes familiar with the river and it’s currents. Renting a Kayak whilst on holiday in Slovenia couldn’t be easier, and more affordable, in a place which boasts some of the best scenery in Europe.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting – a known challenging recreational outdoor activity, which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This sport is usually carried out on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to offer a thrilling and challenging experience for the rew and passengers of the raft. The evolution and popularity of this outdoor activity as a leisure sport became popular in the mid-1970s. Although it is considered an extreme sport, as it can be dangerous, it doesn’t have to be and beginners can experience the thrill and excitement of this sport supervised by experienced instructors.

Soča is the most popular rivers for rafting in Slovenia, a crystal clear, emerald-green river flowing through a stunning and beautiful valley’s. At 140 km long, the river starts off from the Trenta valley of the Julian Alps and then runs over to North-Eastern Italy. The river is a destination for many people wanting to enjoy a variety of sports – from just gentle walking to an adrenaline fuelled day of rafting, kayaking or canyoning.

Sava, Savinja river in Štajerska, and Kolpa river in Bela Krajina and the Krka river in Dolenjska, all offer magnificent stretches of white water to navigate also there are quieter stretches of slow water to paddle through and just take in the magnificent scenery of Slovenia.


Canyoning is an outdoor sport, which involves travelling through canyons using a number of techniques such as walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming and can be made easy or challenging, depending on experience and fitness but even complete beginners, can try it with supervised guided tours which are on over in many areas of Slovenia.

Both canyoning and canyoneering, are technical terms relating to an ‘extreme sport’ in which the participants slide, jump off boulders or rappel down rock faces through waterfalls into mountain streams that cut through a canyon, clad in wet suits, helmets, life jackets, and climbing harnesses, combining the skills of caving, climbing, rappelling, and ‘reading’ the river.

By nature, canyoning takes place in rugged settings and the spots considered the most popular in Slovenia for this activity are Sušec and Fratarca, located in the Soča Valley and Grmečica and Jerečica which are in close proximity of Lake Bohinj.

Canyoning is all about finding and discovering nature while following a water trail. For people who love water and unspoilt nature, canyoning can provide huge enjoyment and adventure, and where better to discover or experience this sport than in Slovenia?

Have a Go on All Three at Kobarid

Kobarid is a small and welcoming little town, situated on the banks of the Slovenia’s most famous river – the Soca. Conveniently located to allow visitors to enjoy all of the sports previously mentioned, it has superb white water and great canyoning to experience, amongst other entertainments this charming town has to offer.

Adventure Sports in Slovenia…

Whether you are an outdoor expert, or just looking to unleash your adventurous side, in Slovenia, you will find challenging sports which can be enjoyed in a country of outstanding beauty with mesmerising scenery which come together to offer you an unforgettable experience. Even better adventure holidays in Slovenia are not expensive so you can enjoy extreme sports or take them more gently at an affordable price.