Fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia Fishing

Slovenia is a popular destination for anglers looking for world class fly-fishing, on Slovenia’s fast flowing rivers of which the Soca is the most famour or on the tranquil lakes shich as Lake Bled and Bohinj. While these are the most well known areas which attract anglers from all over Europe there are many more to be discovered. For such a small country there are a wide variety, of different fish to be found.

Slovenia’s Lakes Rivers and Fish

The rivers and lakes, of Slovenia cover an area roughly 12,000 hectares in size and within there waters are 93 species of freshwater fish with 33 being protected species.

Angling is a popular sport Slovenians but a lot of anglers come from overseas ro enjoy not just the great fishing but also the fantastic unspoilt beauty of the country.

In terms of angling, the most comon fish anglers come to catch are:

Grayling, huchen, nase, pike, carp, roach, chub,The marble, rainbow, brook and brown trout, tench, barbel, zander, salmon and wels catfish.

Popular Angling Spots

The Soča

The Soca and its tributaries are the area most anglers like to fish in and they come to catch the indigenous Marble Trout (Salmo marmoratus) which was almost extinct just a few years ago but now is one of the protected fish under law. Being protected has seen the numbers of this rare fish start to increase again and anglers can enjoy fishing for it.

The rivers of Slovenia also have a large number of adriatic grayling, rainbow trout, brook and brown trout, chub and barbel.

The Soca valley is the most popular, fishing destination for overseas visitors but its not the only river in Slovenia which offers great fishing and there are many more including – the tributaries which all offer a great angling.

TheTolminka, The Bača, Idrijca,Trebusča and Nadiza, are all popular fly fishing destinations with plenty of trout to be fished for.

Sava Bohinjka

Slovenia’s other other major river is the Sava Bohinjka which feeds into Bohinj Lake. The fishing on this river is popular especially,due to the large number of grayling – with many growing to 60 cm or more in length. There are also brown and rainbow trout, hunchen in large numbers for anglers to fish for.

Bohinjsko Jezero – Lake Bohinj

Bohinj is the largest of the lakes in Slovenia and it offers a wipe variety of fish including:

Many rare lake trout and other freshwater fish such as – chub, tench, barbel,perch, roach, pike, a variety of carp and zander.

The Lake is the most popular among anglers from overseas and with good reason, its a huge lake with pristine waters, surrounded by stunning scenery which make it, a great area to relax in and enjoy some great fishing.

Blejsko Jezero – Lake Bled

Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most popular tourist attraction and many people come to fish in the beautiful tranquil lake which is surrounded by stunning scenery. The fish you can catch are the same as in Lake Bohinj but the lake is well known in terms of the having the biggest carp in Slovenia.

Slovenia Fishing

Dry fly, nymph or streamer are all popular fishing methods and in terms of rods used, five to nine-weight rods which are about 8 1/2- or 9-feet are the commonly used by anglers. Fly fishing does the least damage to fish when there caught and many of the rivers and lakes will only permit this method of fishing.

Slovenia has spent a lot of time and effort in terms of protecting its fish and the angling societies and the national fisheries Institute of Slovenia, closely watch fish stocks and protect endangered fish. The angling societies are a great source of info in terms of – where the best fishing is and in telling you what you can and cant do on Slovenia’s rivers and lakes.

Fishing Season

The Fly fishing season for trout and grayling runs between March to November – although some rivers only open between April to October.

When looking to fish for the Danube salmon (the huchen) the fishing season starts in November and runs through to February.

In Conclusion

Fishing in Slovenia is popular and attracts anglers due to:

The number of fish to be found, the water quality of the rivers and lakes which means there are not only a lot of fish but a wide variety of species to fish for. Of course the fishing is great but so to is the rugged beauty of the Slovenia.

Fishing day trips, weekend trips and angling holidays will help you have a relaxing break and enjoy some of the best fishing anywere in Europe and even better news is – Slovenia is very afforable as well. So if you are thinking about a fishing holiday consider Slovenia.