Golf in Slovenia

Golf in Slovenia

Many people don’t think about a golf holiday in Slovenia but that’s all changing as more and more tourists discover Slovenia and also, golfing holidays are more popular than ever due to not only the great courses but also due to the cost which is very competitive compared to many other European destinations.

There are a number of courses, driving ranges, with fairways close to great scenery such as the beautiful lakes or the stunning peaks of the Julian Alps

Slovenia’s golf courses, are suitable for – complete beginners and offer more challenging courses for the more experienced players.

If you are a beginner you can book golfing lessons or if you are an experienced player, you can test your playing ability with experienced instructors on courses which offer a variety of challenges and offer some of the best facilities in Slovenia.

History of Golf in Slovenia

Slovenia’s first golf course, was open in 1938 near the town of Bled and it was built for the king of Yugoslavia.

The course was not renovated until 1972, when the course and facilities were upgraded. The course is seen as the one which is located in the most beautiful scenery in Slovenia. Today there are many more golf courses throughout Slovenia. In 1989 the popular Lipica course was built and after it opened golf saw a huge rise in popularity and the number of people, who play gold increases year after year.

The Best Golf Courses of Slovenia…


The picturesque location, makes it one of the most popular courses for all players. You can choose to play either the 18-hole King’s or the 9-hole Lake Course and the course caters for all players from complete beginners to pro players.


The newest course in the country which is an18 hole course, with some of the best facilities of any course in the country. The course is located near to Otočec Castle which is situated on an island in the Krka river and is a very popular local attraction and well worth a visit.


Arguably the best 18-hole course in the country. It’s a course with large expanses of water making it one to test the skills of even the best players. The town is also popular and has an ancient castle, a well known winery and a variety of shops, bars and nighclubs.

Podčetrtek Olimje

A challening 18-hole course which is very popular with experienced pro players. Olimje offers natwater obstacles and sandbanks which will test the skills of even the best golfers. The course is located near to the resort of Terme Olimia which offers a number of other attractions including great food, drink and a variety of other sports to enjoy.

Slovenske Konjice

Zlati Grič is 9-holes and it is situated in a deep and beautiful valley. The valley has a number of vineyards, alpine trees on the slopes from which streams, flow down the sides and its seen as both a beutiful and tranquil location. The course is also near a number of top class restuarants and bars.


Near to the captial Ljubljana. This is a course whcih caters for players from professionals to childrfen.

The course is also popular for the reaosn – it doesn’t require a permit to play on it Its a nine hole course Being in the capital, you can combine a game of gold and then go and enjoy the attractions of the capital.

Volčji Potok Arboretum

An 18 hole course, situated in a forestested are which contain a number of clear lakes and also features, great views of the peaks of the Kamnik Alps. The course is quiet challanging and tends to attract mostly experienced or professional players.


The only course which is open throughout the year. The course is located within a wood of oak trees, in the Karst region of the country. The course is a 9 hole course and the stud farm, of the world famous Lipizzaner horses is close to course and there are also a number of bars nightclubs and restaurants near the course.


This course is located below the famous Mokrice Castle, where many of the golfers stay. The beauty of the area and castle gives the visitor a sense of a bygone age. The course is also near to the modern and popular Terme Čatež resort which offers accomadation and also, a wide range of recreational facilities.

Moravske Toplice

This course is located at Prekmurje which is famous for its thermal spa. The course is perfect for beginners, with its putting green and easy driving ranges but it also offers a more challenging experience to on the 18 hole course which hosts regular competitions and pro touranaments.

Exams and Playing Permits

There are numerous driving ranges where beginners can learn to play with qualified instructors and get there permits to play on the courses. The course to obtain a permit will take about 20 hours to do and is followed by an exam.

There is a written exam and also practical one which have to be completed and after passing you are free to join any of the golf courses in Slovenia.

Golf Holidays In Slovenia

If you are a beginner or an experienced player Slovenia offers golf courses and facilities which are among the best In Europe. The cost of playing on them is affordable so if your looking for a golfing holiday check out Slovenia