The Quadrofoil is the latest in luxury toys


The eco-friendly Slovenian-designed Quadrofoil is the contemporary answer to the speedboat

It’s sleek, stylish, makes very little noise and is environmentally friendly: the Quadrofoil Q2S is the speedboat of the 21st century. 

This personal electric craft sits two people and can glide on the water using the latest naval technology to achieve speeds of around 12 km/hour. It is powered by two lithium batteries which can be fully recharged in around 4 hours. A full charge will cover a distance of around 100 km. Due to being very quiet and giving off no emissions, the Q2S will be welcome on inland waterways (as well as on lakes and on the sea) where other motorised vessels are not usually permitted.

Be quick, though: the Q2S is going to be a limited edition. The price? Around £22,500.